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The server and storage infrastructure is the backbone of all modern organisations. And, as such, it is one of biggest and most pressing concerns of IT departments, not to mention executives. Servers form a vital component in building a robust IT platform that is flexible and adaptable enough to change quickly to evolving circumstances.Now, more than ever, organisations need support both in storing data and in designing and managing their infrastructure to suit them. They are looking for an all-encompassing solution that will streamline and simplify the mass of data, and turn it into a valuable and intelligent commodity that will drive their business forward. That is where Decorus can help.Our server and storage solutions provide cost effective high performance.

Giving Control Back To You

From our experience, most organisations demand tighter control and understanding of the flow of their data and how it is retained. Areas such as information life-cycle management (ILM), disaster recovery, business continuity and data acquisition all rely on storage infrastructures for information integrity.

The Very Best Solutions

We offer a world-class portfolio, incorporating server-based products into integrated solutions that address critical business issues.

Make Your Data Work Harder

Decorus can capitalise on the real value of data by redesigning and installing data storage solutions that work harder for you. Easy-to-manage, efficiently stored data is a valuable asset.

A Dedicated Team

You can draw on our proficiency from start to finish. Indeed, you’ll find our expertise lasts far beyond merely putting the right storage technology in place for you – we’re there every step of the way. Our aim is to help you reduce costs whilst boosting productivity and guaranteeing business continuity.

Strength in Numbers

We possess exceptionally strong vendor partnerships. We are able to bring you technical expertise that is second to none and provide a complete end-to-end service. We can architect, install and support fully integrated solutions.

Our Specialists Deliver

To help simplify your technological architecture, boost efficiency, lower costs and generate increased productivity, our world-class specialists are on hand to carry out storage assessments. That way we can bring in the right solutions from the right manufacturers and you have the infrastructure you want.

Consolidating Servers – Reducing Costs and Improving Performance

Today, companies in every sector have computing spread across many varied layers, and the infrastructure appears more disparate than ever. IT managers of companies all sizes are now looking for ways of controlling runaway management costs. The need to consolidate is vital.

We can help. Our server consolidation will help bring your IT infrastructure more in line with your business’ goals – now, and in the future.

  • Improved performance and workload management
  • Scalable, high-performance single-system or multi-system configurations
  • Scalable I/O and storage capabilities
  • Flexible capacity-on-demand solutions
  • High-speed connectivity
  • A choice of high-performance processor architectures and operating systems

The solutions we can offer organisations like yours have the benefit of cost recovery and investment protection with support of several diverse environments, resiliency, modularity, and scalability. We will use the appropriate solution Network-Attached Storage (NAS), Direct-Attached Storage (DAS), and Storage Area Network (SAN) architectures to fit your needs.

Further information on Server Desktop Support.

“Since the acquisition of 3PAR by HP, Decorus have been an early adopter and continue to drive a large number of solutions on behalf of HP. What is particularly compelling about the Decorus offering is their ability to enhance the HP value proposition through the use of bespoke commercial models and indeed enhanced stock holding & logistics offerings ideally suited to the MSP vertical. It is easy to see why they are a go to partner in this space”

Lee Knott – UK&I Channel Sales Manager, HP Storage