End User Computing

Custom integration

Mobility solutions

Thin-client solutions

Asset management

Our end user computing team provides targeted solutions to address the variety of end-user devices people utilise to gather and use information. We provide client mobility solutions, custom client device integration and delivery, asset and acquisition management and application-focused thin-client solutions.Our team leverages significant experience addressing enterprise-wide needs, supporting the full lifecycle, from requirements definition to acquisition management to desk-side support.

  • End-User Client Devices
  • Custom Integration and Delivery
  • Asset Management
  • Acquisition Management
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Thin-Client Solutions
  • Flexible management and support
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End-user computing is creating a modern user-centric approach to personal computing that delivers secure access to applications and data from any device, anywhere and when a user needs it. Enabling freedom of choice of devices for end users, while making it easier for IT to provision and securely manage users and sensitive data.

Is your infrastructure ready to support the increasing number of portable devices out there in the market today? Can you deploy your applications to any device anywhere? If you can’t answer these questions, Decorus can help you answer them, and find out if your infrastructure can support new application delivery services to any End-User Device—whether it’s an iPad, Droid, Mac, or Windows device.