Cloud Computing

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  • Public or shared assessment
  • Integration services
  • Security

Understanding the Cloud is important for most organisations – and how this impacts, benefits and helps to make life easier could help your business to succeed.If your organisations data growth is impacting your back-up and storage, or you don’t have enough space to house your servers or even the resource to manage them, plus you want to respond quickly to the changing needs of your users, then a cloud or hosted solution should be a consideration.

No matter where you are in the world, you can access whatever you need whenever you need it. Networks, servers, applications, data storage and services – you now have on-demand access to every resource remotely. We can now offer a level of flexibility far beyond anything we’ve been offered before, providing a highly automated, dynamic alternative for the acquisition and delivery of IT services.

Businesses Are Already Benefiting

Anyone can access public and private clouds for resources and services without ever having to understand the driving technology behind it. Better still, the unique and immense scalability qualities of cloud computing puts organisations in a very powerful position; they are now able to solve problems that they weren’t able to before the advent of this remarkable technology.

Cloud computing has already has a massive impact on the typical IT structure model by erasing many of the restrictions of the traditional computing world, including space, time and power limitations. Yet perhaps the real beauty (especially to Financial Directors everywhere) is that companies can operate at this level of speed and responsiveness without the need for extra capital investment.

Ahead Of the Curve

At Decorus, we have recognised that this is big business – and will continue to grow and grow. The benefits to organisations such as yours are many and varied:

Freedom to choose – Cloud computing enables organisations of any size to have access to a huge range of applications without the cost or hassle of having to download, install or commit to anything.

The world is your new desk – Gone are the days of being desk-based in the corner of an office or out of touch when away from the office. Applications, data and services can now all be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world, at any time.

No wasted spend puts you in control – Organisations need never have to pay for hardware or software they don’t need. This puts the company in the financial driver’s seat like never before.

No more storage problems – Cloud computing puts a definite end to the issue of limited storage for organisations. Its technology can store more data than on private computer systems.

One point of focus – Companies can share resources in one place.

A smarter way of spending – Cloud computing offers minimal upfront costs, plus the technology is also paid incrementally, again saving organisations money.

A more agile company – your corporate agility improves thanks to being able to re-provision technological infrastructure resources.

IT can focus in a more productive way of working – IT departments no longer have to waste time constantly updating servers or spend hours resolving computing issues.

Something you can depend on – Reliability is improved if multiple redundant sites are used, which makes well-designed cloud computing suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Cloud computing appears to be the perfect answer to many organisations’ needs. It meets their desire to expand, but also to simplify. It offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to engage with the very best resources, yet keeps it temptingly affordable. More than anything, however, it allows you, the business, to keep a tighter control on budgets while delivering added value at the same time.

We can help you:

  • Create your future cloud strategy and roadmap
  • Choose the right solution for your business strategy and requirements – private, virtual private or public cloud options
  • Understand how virtualising your systems can improve your organisational IT efficiency
  • Consolidate your hosting environment to improve efficiency and manageability
  • Ensure that your data and architecture remain protected and secure

Cloud Assessment Roadmap

Building a Plan for the Future
Understanding your IT roadmap and how cloud fits into your organisational strategy is a key element of your planning process. Having a view of your current portfolio and its optimum mix can help you build a plan for success. Ensuring that your plan incorporates or considers cloud solutions, means that you have a clear vision of how your company will meet its goals over the next three to five years.

Virtual Private Cloud – Would you like to have a private cloud based solution but would rather someone else manage it on your behalf? We have the knowledge and experience to provide this for you.
Depending on what your requirements are, such as outsourcing the running of your applications, platform, infrastructure or a combination of all, we will understand your needs and build a virtual private cloud for you. You’ll be able to realise the benefits of the cloud whilst only paying for the service you want rather than the equipment or licences required to deliver it.

Hosting – Do It Yourself, Co-Location Or Fully Managed

Every company needs to run and maintain their IT infrastructure and that often means having numerous servers and equipment on their premises which need to be managed, maintained, upgraded and monitored. This can be a costly exercise both in monetary terms, but also in manpower hours and experience. Failure isn’t an option as IT systems are vital to success and are the backbone of any organisation. Decorus can provide companies with secure locations to house the business critical servers that power their organisation – all within a physically secure environment.

Public Cloud

Looking at the options available to help make your organisation successful and understanding how a shared cloud can give you what you need. Whilst the solution is delivered by a third party, you need to be able to understand the options available to you and trust the advice you are being given. Public Cloud might be the right solution for your business – but being sure you have the right partner is vital. With a range of applications, solutions and services available, we have the knowledge, expertise and understanding to ensure that the solution you choose is suitable for your business.

Integration Services

Bringing together what you already have and what you need to ensure that it all works effectively and efficiently is what we do. Many customers have often identified an end goal but need expert advice on which technologies are most appropriate and the resources to help implement them in the most efficient way with low risk and a high quality return. Decorus can help customers to ensure that the right technology, design and implementation processes are adopted to get it right first time.


Ensuring high levels of security across all your data and server needs is essential. One of the most common questions asked when looking at a cloud solution is around security, integrity and confidentiality of deploying this type of solution. Decorus have experience and expertise with security across multi-level applications, servers, data and solutions ensuring that whatever you choose you can rest assured that your security is taken care of.

Business Applications

There are a range of cloud based applications to help you run your business and services to ensure closer communication and increased sale with your customers. As the portfolio is based in the Cloud you benefit from powerful business applications that can be run anywhere and anytime over the web, without expensive IT infrastructure and maintenance. These solutions are ideal for any size of organisation, creating cost efficiencies to enable your business to compete more effectively in the market place while maximising sales potential and customer advocacy.

If you would like to talk about how Cloud computing could fit into your future business plans, then please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.